Building Businesses. Growing Relationships.

A natural connector in business and in life, Mitchell brings people together by illuminating commonalities, opportunities and bridging divisions.

In all the roles a man may have in life, few are as important and fulfilling as the role of fatherhood. A proud husband and father of two daughters, family is the center of Mitchell's life and the hub from which every other aspect extends.

Mitchell is not secretive about his Christian faith but he’s also open and interested in hearing where people are at in their own spiritual journey. When he's not managing his business concerns, you can find Mitchell travelling & tearing up a rug with his wife. Even though she had to drag him to his first dance class, Mitchell and his wife have since placed in multiple West Coast Swing dance competitions. He even served as president of the board of directors for a nonprofit dance organization to help them with their business affairs. He then transitioned into being a “dance dad” while supporting his girls’ interests in dance as well. Mitchell considers himself blessed as an entrepreneur because he has the ability to be present and active in his family’s life.

With an expansive personality that draws people in, Mitchell uses storytelling as a way to make lasting connections with those around him. Whether he's talking about his latest business interest or a day at church, Mitchell thrives on sharing his experiences with others in a way that unintentionally entices them. As a gifted communicator, Mitchell can effortlessly chat with just about anyone on just about any subject matter, from the nuances of search engine optimization or cryptocurrency to the latest and greatest new movies.

Mitchell's relaxed manner puts others at ease so they feel comfortable in conversation and about opening up to him. For Mitchell there's much overlap between personal and professional relationships as many business partnerships stem from friendship and vice-versa. Mitchell is an open book and strives to facilitate the sharing and exchanging of knowledge and ideas. He's inspired by faith to foster relationships that bring people together where everyone gains something and leaves with more than he or she came to the table with.

Mitchell is a serial entrepreneur with a diverse business portfolio that spans many different fields. With a curious mind and an appetite for what's new, Mitchell loves to get in early on business trends. His generous, give-first servant-leadership style has enabled him to build relationships and make headway in several enterprises.

Whether it's business knowledge or industry tips, Mitchell openly shares what he knows with others and makes people feel comfortable when asking him questions. As a result, they are quick to engage with him, collaborate and exchange ideas. He's also glad to share his vast business network with others to help them gain footing in a new field or just to help them expand their existing network.

He is known for bringing about win-win situations in business relationships and making introductions among his connections without expectations or conditions. Mitchell has found that his generosity and give-first approach has come back to him many times over, both from a business growth and relationship perspective.

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Discover how to develop and expand your business by adopting a relationship-focused mindset. Get to know Mitchell From and how his servant-leadership style can open doors for you. Mitchell's available for no-obligation business chats. Contact him today to schedule some virtual “Coffee & Conversation.”

Business Services

Solar Business

Solar Business

Renewable energy sources such as solar enable homeowners to have more control over their energy spending and consumption needs. As the demand for energy isn't going away anytime soon, Mitchell recognized the need to get in on the solar energy trend. By partnering with nationwide homebuilders, Mitchell's solar company installs solar panels to the homes during the new construction phase enabling homeowners to enjoy energy savings from day one.

Cryptocurrency Investor

Cryptocurrency Investor

Not one to sit on the sidelines with new financial and investment trends, Mitchell has recently taken steps to enter the fast-moving and ever-changing world of cryptocurrency and crypto staking. As crypto moves into mainstream adoption, we are at the forefront of a major worldwide change in the use of blockchain for transactional applications while also moving towards true digital currencies. Mitchell believes that change like this usually only comes once or twice in each generation, so take advantage while you can.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Whatever your industry, having a robust online presence that ranks at the top of search engines is no longer optional for business success. In recognizing the importance of this business shift, especially for verticals that provide professional services, Mitchell has partnered with industry experts to form a digital marketing agency that offers top notch web design & SEO services in order to set their clients apart and above the rest. Additionally, what sets his agency apart from others is their focus on bringing Integrity to Internet marketing.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

If you have ever thought “I’d rather die than have to speak in front of a crowd of people!”, you’re not alone. Not only is this a common phobia shared by people all around the world, but with Mitchell considering himself an introvert, he would have agreed. When he first became an entrepreneur, he was given advice and guidance that he needed to work on himself and his ability to speak so Dale Carenegie became instrumental for him. Years later, he’s turned 180° and now loves speaking to people in order to help them with their personal, spiritual or business development.

What others say about Mitchell

Mitchell is a great mentor, leader, coach, and friend. He knows how to communicate clearly in the language of his audience, regardless of background or position. Mitchell instills confidence and esprit de corp within his team, and is a patient and understanding leader. His ability to execute a plan and his persistence in achieving the goal is inspirational. I would strongly recommend Mitchell for any project requiring "The Right Stuff."
Technology Business Owner - Entrepreneur
Mitchell has been a great resource to me and my business. I have known him well for over two years now, and he has helped me in many ways to grow my business. He has personally helped me to develop a better networking plan. He has also assisted me in improving my ability to communicate with potential and existing patients to effectively convey how I can help them. He exemplifies servant leadership, as he continually strives to build up the other people around him.
Chase Hayden
Chiropractor - Nutritionist - Author - Presenter
Mitchell is a truly incredible person to work with. In the Credit Card Processing industry there are many pitfalls and fine print. Mitchell will take the time to read you contract and assist you in properly evaluate it. If he can't save you money on your credit card processing he will tell you. His integrity is top notch.
Henry J Daniels
Residential & Commercial Mortgage Specialist
Mitchell is a man how knows business. He has a heart to learn how other people work to help them reach for higher goals personally as well as to further their business. He will get the job done or refer someone who can.
Entrepreneur | Fashion & Design
Besides being a truly 'pay-it-forward' member of our business community, Mitchell is an engaging speaker. His topic "The C.E.O.'s of Networking" is a must-hear for any businessperson who desires a road map to increase their revenue and circle of influence. He presents concise and applicable nuggets of information with an affable and engaging way. I encourage you to reach out to Mitchell, buy him a cup of coffee, and find out why he is one of the top connectors today."
Actress | Comedic Improviser | Talent Agent

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